Determined to Rise
There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.
— W.EB. DuBois

Who We Are

The Determined to Rise Project is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2017 to help women healing from trauma and abuse. We are run by women who have been there. We understand the power of being able to sit with other women who just get it. Our goal is to unite women in need of healing and support and to provide the tools needed to thrive. Our retreats and healing events help empower women to take back their power. We are determined to rise.


Feel Connected

  • Our retreats are designed with healing, connection and friendship in mind. An amazing energy comes from a large gathering of women determined to rise.

  • The retreat workshops provide the tools and courage to help you process your strong emotions, empower you, strengthen your confidence, and keep up the fight for your own healing.