Determined to Rise

Who We Are

The Determined to Rise Project is a 501c3 nonprofit organization run by women who have been there. We understand the power of being able to sit with other women who just get it. We create events where women who have experienced betrayal trauma in their relationships in the form of abuse, sexual abuse, addiction and/or infidelity can come to learn, grow and heal from the pain. The friendships and connections made at our events are the type that will last a lifetime. It has been our experience that betrayal trauma can feel lonely, isolating and like it is somehow our fault. It is never our fault. We are not alone. 

Feel Connected

  • Our retreats are designed with healing, connection and friendship in mind. We go above and beyond to gather as many women as possible at our retreats to increase the energy that comes from a large gathering of women joined in healing. Our first retreat had over 80 women in attendance! Our presenters are all professionals trained in addiction and betrayal trauma and include therapists, APSATS coaches and recovery professionals. The classes our presenters provide are a great way to gather the tools and courage you need to keep up the fight for your own healing. Our workshops are designed to help empower you as a woman, strengthen your confidence and help you process strong emotions.
  • Our self care nights are designed for fun and to continue and grow the connections we've made. We want every woman out there to know that we are here and we accept you just as you are. You are enough!
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Join us

for this all-inclusive retreat in the beautiful setting of the Eastern border of Zion National Park at Clear Creek Ranch. Come enjoy professional classes, fun workshops including archery, self-defense, art journaling, service project, craft, Zumba, Yoga, and guided meditation. The focus is on our own healing and building building connections and friendships to last a lifetime. Our last retreat sold out and this one is going to be even better. Register today!