Retreat Speakers


Ashlynn Mitchell

We are excited to announce our first presenter for the Find Your Fearless Retreat, Ashlynn Mitchell! Ashlynn is the mom of 2 girls, married 18 yrs & works as a podcast host, health coach, & recovery coach; helping women find better health inside & out with a specific skill set developed along side her hubby Coby. She’s a firm believer in finding those people who are 2 steps ahead in whatever you are looking to move forward in, seeing the good despite your circumstances & being the good!


Gaelynn Rae Emerson

Gaelyn Rae Emerson is a veteran coach for Betrayal Trauma Recovery (, with advanced certification from The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS). With 16 years of personal and professional experience, Gaelyn supports women through sexual betrayal—abuse, abandonment, isolation, grief, trauma, deception, discovery, disclosure, relapse, reconciliation, separation and so much more—specifically within the context of loving someone with an addiction, mental illness and/or personality disorder. Committed to help ALL women heal, regardless of their relationship status, Gaelyn’s deepest joy is coaching survivors to reclaim their personal sense of self-identity, including four common (yet heartbreaking) casualties of sexual betrayal: clarity, confidence, courage and conviction.


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